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I was informed by a friend of mine that TdA will be deleting all Fake or wasted accounts.  If you write a journal about it they will know not to delete yours, just a fair warning.
Life with The Critical Inner Voice's been a while since I posted, hasn't it?  I hope nobody missed me.
Apologies for a long hiatus, I've been busy with college (working towards a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing) and so far, I'm doing well.  I've also been seeing a therapist and, so far, everything is starting to look up for me. 

Do you know anything called "The Critical Inner Voice"?  It's a term I found while looking up help with my self-loathing.  The Critical Inner Voice is described as an expression of a person's "anti-self" (the part of the person that is self-hating, paranoid and suspicious.  It's kind of like a little voice in your head that condescends everything you do.  I realized from reading an article about that the Critical Inner Voice was the sole reason why I hated myself, brought on by my horrible high school experience.

I made this piece as a showcase of what dealing with a critical inner voice is like, understand that isn't me trying to make fun of people who have it.  This piece acts as my closure as I leave my critical inner voice behind and go on to live my life without constantly feeling like I'm a waste of space.

For those who feel they have a critical inner voice, this article I found was really helpful for helping me understand why it's there and how I could challenge it:….
I was informed by a friend of mine that TdA will be deleting all Fake or wasted accounts.  If you write a journal about it they will know not to delete yours, just a fair warning.


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...I couldn't help but read you're journal; about you're plan to work on you're own video-game? I was wondering if I could give you some advice- from one creative writer to another:

Looking at other games is a great way for inspiration, but it's also risky in case you do something too similar. Since you look at a lot of fantasy games for inspiration...why not look at general mythology and supernatural lore as well? it's something that's often quite helpful to base things off of :)
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