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Life with The Critical Inner Voice's been a while since I posted, hasn't it?  I hope nobody missed me.
Apologies for a long hiatus, I've been busy with college (working towards a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing) and so far, I'm doing well.  I've also been seeing a therapist and, so far, everything is starting to look up for me. 

Do you know anything called "The Critical Inner Voice"?  It's a term I found while looking up help with my self-loathing.  The Critical Inner Voice is described as an expression of a person's "anti-self" (the part of the person that is self-hating, paranoid and suspicious.  It's kind of like a little voice in your head that condescends everything you do.  I realized from reading an article about that the Critical Inner Voice was the sole reason why I hated myself, brought on by my horrible high school experience.

I made this piece as a showcase of what dealing with a critical inner voice is like, understand that isn't me trying to make fun of people who have it.  This piece acts as my closure as I leave my critical inner voice behind and go on to live my life without constantly feeling like I'm a waste of space.

For those who feel they have a critical inner voice, this article I found was really helpful for helping me understand why it's there and how I could challenge it:….
Heya, guys!  Sorry for not posting anything but I have a VERY good reason for this!  You see, a long time ago when I was just a small tot, I wanted to become a video game designer.  Later, I found out I wasn't that good at scripting, programing, or modeling (hell, my ART isn't that good) so I decided to change my career to something that suits my skills better...A VIDEO GAME STORY WRITER!  It all makes sense since my best skill (in MY opinion at least) is my creative writing.  My plan for the future is to make enough money to create my OWN video game company.  I've been writing notes for my first game project, a 3rd person open-world action/adventure RPG.  I've been learning and inspiring several characters from THOUSANDS of RPG game lore videos (mostly from Elder Scrolls series and World of Warcraft).


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...I couldn't help but read you're journal; about you're plan to work on you're own video-game? I was wondering if I could give you some advice- from one creative writer to another:

Looking at other games is a great way for inspiration, but it's also risky in case you do something too similar. Since you look at a lot of fantasy games for inspiration...why not look at general mythology and supernatural lore as well? it's something that's often quite helpful to base things off of :)
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Technically, I research a lot of things when coming up with ideas, from the biology of animals for creating fantasy to different cultures to create the culture and beliefs of said race.
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